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The Chaos Cruiser is an amphibious craft built by The Hood to serve as the Chaos Crew's main mission vessel and mobile base. There are compartments for both Basher and Spoiler, and armed with very advanced optical camouflage systems allowing it to disappear from sight in split second. While initially assumed to be an aircraft, it was revealed in Flame Out that it is also capable of underwater operations, as with some of The Mechanic's more notable aircrafts. It was later revealed in Signals Part 2 that it can also be used as an spacecraft.


Length: 125 feet

Notable Appearances

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Chaos Part 1

The Chaos Crew's breaking in period occurs in Chaos Part 1. During this episode, the Chaos Cruiser is used to pick up Havoc and Fuse so they can be taken to their next assignment.

SOS Part 2

While not its first underwater mission, the Cruiser plays a large part in a fight over Braman with Gordon in Thunderbird 4 and is later pursued by Kayo.

Signals Part 2

Signals Part two marks the Cruiser's first use in space but, ironically, not used by the Chaos Crew themselves. Reece and Dobbs hijack the craft to pursue the stolen Thunderbird 3. While International Rescue got their craft back, Havoc did put up a challenge.

Docking Compartments


When required, Basher has a compartment behind the cockpit roughly in the middle under the craft. The Chaos Cruiser flies above Basher and cradles it with two arms. From there, it is locked in place and Fuse can enter the cockpit.


When required, Spoiler drives onto a ramp at the rear of the craft while the Cruiser is flying at ground level. once Spoiler is driven into place, the ramp is raised up and the car is locked into place. Havoc can enter the craft from there.



  • The main console in Spoiler is duplicated twice in the cockpit of the Chaos Cruiser, and can even be found in the Zero-X.
  • The Chaos Cruiser is used more than Basher and Spoiler.
  • The Chaos Cruiser not only bears a striking resemblance to the space shuttle craft The Eagle, from Gerry Anderson's Space 1999, but like The Eagle itself, it's also used as a space shuttle craft as revealed in Signals Part 2.
  • The Chaos Cruiser's amphibious and flying abilities are not too dissimilar of the interceptor fighters, attached to the bow section of the Skydiver submarines from Gerry Anderson's UFO.