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The Chaos Crew is a team assembled by the Hood with primarily one goal - to cause as much chaos as possible. It consists of siblings Fuse and Havoc.

They first appear in Brains vs. Brawn helping the Hood escape from Global Defence Force custody.

Both members, alongside The Hood, were arrested in The Long Reach Part 2 by the GDF.

Notable Episodes

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Chaos Part 1

The Chaos Crew's breaking in period occurs in Chaos Part 1. Their main assignment was to blow up and bury an arctic crew using specialised explosives and Fuse's power punches. At the end of the episode, Havoc was arrested.

Path of Destruction

Fuse causes avalanches and tries to steal a transporter carrying volatile cargo. He is unsuccessful in doing so as International Rescue stands in his way. Instead, the Hood gives orders to destroy the cargo.

Flame Out

The Chaos Crew uses the Chaos Cruiser to go underwater and start stealing hydro-methane. Gordon Tracy soon discovers them and they manage to escape with a gas tank, leaving another behind with an explosive attached onto it.