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Captain Wayne Rigby is a G.D.F Soldier in Thunderbirds Are Go! TV Series, debuting in season 3.

Captain Rigby is assigned with one mission by Colonel Casey, to track down the Chaos Crew. He has his own blue motorbike, which matches his uniform. He is initially sceptical of outside assistance and prefers to run missions his own way.

Personality and Traits

Captain Rigby has an immense pride in himself and initially doesn't want International Rescue to help him in missions. He believes they should do what their job is, and leave him to do his. However, after receiving Kayo's assistance to capture Havoc in Chaos Part 1, he changes his mind and they work together to track the Chaos Crew.

He is very hot headed and impulsive, leading to him almost being blown up as he tried to tackle an impudent Havoc. He is not particularly clever. He tries to be stealthy when he is clearly in view of Havoc anyway. Despite all this, he is desperate to catch the Chaos Crew, even if he has to borrow somebody else's bike when his own is stolen in Growing Pains.

Notable Episodes

Chaos Part 1

In Chaos Part 1, he is introduced to International Rescue. He initially doesn't want their help. He and Kayo go to track down Havoc in an abandoned shed. He changes his mind about International Rescue when Kayo catches Havoc for him.

Chaos Part 2

In Chaos Part 2, he goes to interrogate Havoc, but she escapes using Holo-emitters. He and Kayo then track he to a corridor, where she escapes in the Chaos Cruiser.

Growing Pains

In Growing Pains, he and Kayo track the Chaos Crew to the Global Seed Vault. Havoc manages to escape with information on his bike, so he follows her on Kayo's bike. He manages to hack her suit and recover the information. However, the Chaos Crew escape.