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A type of car, nicknamed after its distinctive "bubble top" design, is utilised by various police forces during the Thunderbirds television series.


Day Of Disaster

The Martian Space Probe Transporter Vehicle was escorted by a number of police cars. A bubble top was seen along the way.

Terror in New York City

A bubble top police car was seen at the road block in the area of the collapsed Empire State Building.

30 Minutes After Noon

When Scott Tracy touched down in Spoke City, a bubble top police car was seen parked nearby.

The Perils of Penelope

One bubble top police car was seen at the entrance to the Anderbad Tunnel when the monobrake arrived on the scene.

Behind the Scenes

The bubble top police car model was built using an AMT construction kit of Bill Cushenberry's Silhouette show car.

Bubbletop Cruiser

An unrelated bubble top police cruiser was seen briefly in The Mighty Atom.