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"It will be a great disaster!"

Bruno is a character from Lord Parker's 'Oliday. He is an employee of the hotel Lady Penelope and Parker stay at.


Bruno with the hotel manager (Faccini)


Bruno waits the arrival of lady Penelope and Parker, he stands outside in the pouring rain, Parker asks his "what you staring at, get them bags inside". He tells Parker to change before he floods the hotel!

It will be a Great Disaster

During the Fancy dress party a violent storm hits the surrounding area. The solar refactor dish is repeatedly struck by lighting and eventually buckles, crashing down the mountainside, Bruno whispers to Lady Penelope, "when the sun rises tomorrow, it will be a great disaster". Bruno helps with Lord Parker's Bingo to keep the hotel guests occupied so that panic doesn't set in. But fist he has to wake the hotel manager!