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This page is a transcription of Brink of Disaster

[Scene opens with an exterior shot of the Creighton-Ward mansion, and the title card appears:


Cuts to inside, where Parker is relaxing with a bottle of beer and a newspaper. He hears a car pull up outside, and gets up to look at it from a window.]

Parker: "Oh, dear. A butler's work is never done. Oh, well... I shall have to finish reading about the Killer of Clapham some other time."

[The doorbell rings.]

Parker: "Coming, coming!"

[Parker opens the front door.]

Parker: "Oh yes, sir, were you requiring something?"

Warren Grafton: "Oh, my name is, er, Warren Grafton. I have an appointment with Lady Penelope."

Parker: "Oh, yes, sir. So you have. Would you kindly step this way?"

Warren Grafton: "Thank you."

[Parker closes the door]

Parker: "Er... her ladyship will be a trifle delayed, sir, I'm afraid. Perhaps you would be good enough to wait in the library."

Warren Grafton: "Oh, sure thing. Nothing wrong, is there?"

Parker: "Oh, no, sir, nothing untoward. She should not keep you waiting for long."

Warren Grafton: "Ah, from what I've heard, she's certainly worth waiting for!"

Parker: "Oh, quite so, quite so."

[Grafton goes into the library. Parker turns a figurine on the banister and talks to it.]

Parker: "This is Parker calling FAB 1. Can you hear me, m'lady?"

[Cuts to Lady Penelope driving along in FAB 1.]

Lady Penelope: "Parker from FAB 1. Loud and clear."

Parker: "A Mr Grafton has called to see you, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Very good, Parker. I'm afraid I may be a little late."

Parker: "Oh, no trouble, I hope, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Afraid so, I'm being tailed. It may take some time to lose them. Meanwhile, make my excuses to Mr Grafton."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady. And, er, good luck."

[Cut to FAB 1 and pursuing vehicle]

Lady Penelope: [To herself] "Mmm, I'd better make sure the men are who I think they are. I don't want to cause a scene unnecessarily."

[The pursuing vehicle comes alongside FAB 1. One of the men in it raises a pistol. FAB 1 accelerates away, and the crook fires several shots at it.]

Lady Penelope: "Now, there's no doubt they mean business. I must try to lose them."

[She presses a button, and big clouds of black smoke start coming from the rear of FAB 1. The pursuers drive straight through it.]

Lady Penelope: "Hmm, their car must be fitted with radar-assisted steering. I'll have to try something else."

[She presses another button, and FAB 1 starts spraying oil onto the road from behind. The crooks' car swerves left and right.]

Crook with gun: "Keep this car under control. I'll use the submachine gun."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, dear. Like FAB 1, their car must have retractable studs fitted to the tyres. I had hoped I wouldn't have to go to the ultimate lengths."

[The crook with the submachine gun starts spraying bullets.]

Lady Penelope: "But they leave me no choice."

[She presses another button. This time, two machine guns appear at the rear. They fire a few dozen shots, and the crooks' car veers off the road and explodes.]

Lady Penelope: "Calling Parker, from FAB 1. Mission successfully completed. On my way home."

Parker: "Right, m'lady."

[Cuts to the library. Warren Grafton is playing with a lighter when Parker opens the door.]

Parker: "I hope you'll forgive her ladyship. She'll be here any minute now."

Warren Grafton: "Oh, sure. Tell her not to rush. I've plenty of time."

Parker: "Oh, good. Thank you, sir."

[Parker leaves again.]

Warren Grafton: [To himself] "Yeah. All the time in the world."

[He pulls an antenna out of his lighter and scans the walls with it.]

Warren Grafton: [To himself] "Nothing. Maybe the floor?"

[He scans the floor until his safe detector beeps intermittently.]

Warren Grafton: [To himself] "Under the floor, huh? Very smart. Now, what about the alarm systems?"

[He quickly locates the alarm system wires.]

Warren Grafton: [To himself] "No problem."

[He attaches a small electronic device next to the wires. The door opens and Lady Penelope appears.]

Lady Penelope: "Mr Grafton, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope you haven't been too bored."

Warren Grafton: "On the contrary, Lady Penelope. This room's proved most interesting to me."

Lady Penelope: "Parker will bring tea in a moment. Now, you wanted to see me about giving you some money, I believe? What sort of charity do you run?"

Warren Grafton: "Oh, it's no charity, ma'am. It's a business - one of the biggest. I'm head of a syndicate concerned with the building and running of the Pacific-Atlantic Monorail Company. We have 500 miles of track already built, and the most fantastic monotrain ever designed."

Lady Penelope: "Well, pardon my ignorance, Mr, uh, Grafton, but what's so special about this monotrain?"

Warren Grafton: "It's completely automatic."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, I see. It does sound all rather exciting. How much money do you need?"

Warren Grafton: "Forty million dollars. But you're only one of the people we're approaching. Now, we wouldn't expect that sort of dough to come from one person, of course!"

Lady Penelope: "Of course. Tell me, what's in it for an investor?"

Warren Grafton: "A straight cut in the profits. You buy shares, you get a dividend, and the profits are gonna be high!"

Lady Penelope: "Mmm, you seem very confident. Of course, I don't have a lot of money, myself."

Warren Grafton: "Maybe not, Lady Penelope, but the pictures in this room alone would amount to a few million bucks."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, I suppose they would."

Warren Grafton: "Then there's your jewel collection. That's internationally famous."

[Parker brings the tea.]

Lady Penelope: "Thank you, Parker. Here will do nicely."

Parker: "A telegram has just arrived for you, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, thank you."

[She reads the telegram. It says "His chauffeur is a crook - Parker".]

Parker: "Oh, not bad news, I hope, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Just a little disturbing, Parker, that's all."

Parker: "Will that be all, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "For now. Thank you, Parker. Now, to get back to business. Ah, you were saying, Mr Grafton?"

Warren Grafton: "The scheme can't miss. It's a chance of a lifetime."

Lady Penelope: "Well, I never finance business ventures, Mr Grafton. I'm a mere woman, I don't know enough about these things. But I have a very good friend who might be interested."

Warren Grafton: "Do you think he'll help?"

Lady Penelope: "It's possible. He's extremely interested in scientific development, and he's very wealthy."

Warren Grafton: "Great! Where can I get hold of this guy?"

Lady Penelope: "I'll see that he contacts you. Now, tell me, Mr Grafton, would your chauffeur like a cup of tea, do you think?"

[Brief cut to outside to show Grafton's chauffeur taking pictures of the house. Then, it cuts back to inside, some time later. Grafton is leaving.]

Warren Grafton: "Well, thanks a lot, Lady Penelope. I've enjoyed visiting with you. I'll look forward to hearing from your friend. So long!"

Lady Penelope: "Ah, goodbye, Mr Grafton. [Closes front door] What an extraordinary man! He didn't even touch his tea."

[Cuts to Grafton's car.]

Harry Malloy: "Well, Mr Grafton? Did she bite?"

Warren Grafton: "Not exactly, but she's gonna put some millionaire in touch with us."

Harry Malloy: "But we came to get dough outta her."

Warren Grafton: "Don't worry, we will. I cased the joint, fixed the alarm to stop operating just when we want, and I know exactly where the safe is. Yeah, she'll pay up, whether she likes it or not. She just doesn't have any choice."

[Cuts to Creighton-Ward Mansion.]

Parker: "Oh, yes, m'lady. I'd know that chauffeur's face anywhere. Name's Malloy. He used to drive for an American mob who came over, trying to queer our pitch."

Lady Penelope: "How fascinating, Parker! What an adventurous life you've led."

Parker: "Er, quite, m'lady. But what about this Grafton geezer? He must be a bit shady, as you might say, too, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "You could be right, Parker. This project sounds a bit too good to be true. Anyway, I'll contact Jeff Tracy. He'll know what to do."

[Cuts to Tracy Island. Jeff's portrait of Lady Penelope beeps.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Penelope. What's up?"

Lady Penelope: "Well, nothing's UP, Jeff, but I'm onto something that needs investigation."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, if it's something that anticipates a disaster and saves us a rescue operation in the future, we're all ears, Penny!"

Lady Penelope: "Well, I've had a Mr Warren Grafton visiting me. He's trying to raise money to complete his monotrain scheme."

Alan Tracy: "Hey, that must be Grafton of Pacific-Atlantic."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, they've been having trouble with the US Government about safety precautions."

Jeff Tracy: "Penny, you say he needs money?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, Jeff. So I said I thought a friend of mine would be interested."

Jeff Tracy: "Meaning me, I suppose? Mmm, all right, Penny, I'm always on the lookout for interesting engineering investments anyway. Where can I get in touch with him?"

Lady Penelope: "He'll be returning to his New York office tomorrow."

Part two

[Grafton's New York office.]

Warren Grafton: "I tell you, gentlemen, it's a cinch. The Pacific-Atlantic Monorail Corporation is really gonna be in business. Tell us about things at your end, Hugo?"

Hugo: "Well, we're all set to make a killing at Monte Carlo. We should be able to clear out over four million bucks at the casino."

Second investor: "And that oil deal we've just made in South America, that'll net seven million, and the authorities won't even get near us!"

Warren Grafton: "Good. What about your side of the operation, Doolan?"

Doolan: "Well, boss, the rackets are going great, just great! I've got all the big racetracks sewn up. In my pocket, as you might say."

Warren Grafton: "How much, Doolan? How much!?"

Doolan: "I guess you can count on ten million bucks."

Warren Grafton: "Twenty-one million dollars. There's just nineteen to go."

Hugo: "Which brings us to you, Grafton, how did you make out?"

Warren Grafton: "Well, gentlemen I have just organised the greatest combined operation in the history of big business. Tomorrow night, Malloy and Selsden will gain entry to the mansion of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in England, and walk out with one of the world's richest jewel collections!"

Selsden: "Yeah, you set that one up real good."

Harry Malloy: "Shut up! Don't interrupt Mr Grafton!"

Warren Grafton: "At the same time, here in the States, I shall be taking her ladyship's millionaire friend, Jeff Tracy, and his two advisers, for a trip on a monotrain."

[Cuts to Jeff, Brains, Tin-Tin and Warren Grafton on board the Monotrain.]

Warren Grafton: "Well, Tracy, what do you think of it?"

Jeff Tracy: "This coach is certainly comfortable, Mr Grafton. But tell me, why hasn't the Government backed you?"

Warren Grafton: "I never asked them. I want guys like you to benefit. Private enterprise, that's what keeps this country on its feet."

Brains: "It's a superb piece of, uh, engineering skill, Mr Grafton. I just hope it's been thoroughly tested."

Warren Grafton: "Sure it has! Some of the biggest men in the country are behind this project."

Jeff Tracy: "What sort of men are they?"

Warren Grafton: "Well, you understand, Tracy, they're... they're modest men. Men like yourself, trying to stay out of the limelight, so they can get the job done without a lot of ballyhoo."

Jeff Tracy: "I'd have to know a lot more about the system, Mr Grafton, and the people behind it."

Brains: "Er, yeah, I believe the train is automatically controlled?"

Warren Grafton: "Completely. The whole track, from beginning to end, is controlled by automatic signals."

Jeff Tracy: "Isn't there a safety risk?"

Warren Grafton: "Risk? What are you talking about. Crossing the road's a risk."

Jeff Tracy: "Maybe, but that's not the attitude to take when people's lives are involved."

Warren Grafton: "Look, a fleet of helijets is on constant patrol. If anything went wrong they'd report it immediately."

Jeff Tracy: "Unless anything went wrong with the helijet."

[Cuts to a Helijet flying above monorail.]

Joe: "Patrol 304 to base. Do you read?"

Helijet Patrol Base: "Go ahead, 304. Do you have anything to report?"

Joe: "Negative. Everything is A-OK."

Helijet Patrol Base: "Swell. We don't want anything to go wrong."

Joe: "No, they should be on their way. It's 4:35. Boy, are we in for some rough weather."

Helijet Patrol Base: "Not me, pal. I've got a good firm roof over my head. Hey, Joe, what are you playing at. You'll bust my eardrum!"

Joe: "Not guilty. It's the storm. She's right overhead. Ah, this is useless. Guess I'll shut down for a spell."

Helijet Patrol Base: "Sure. No sense in talking above this static. Listening out."

Joe: "I'd better get out of this piece of sky before I get my feet wet."

[Helijet 304 is struck by lightning. The pilot bails out and the helijet hits a bridge of the monorail]

Joe: [To himself] "The automatic signals! [Joe's parachute is caught on the bridge] The signals! I've got to contact base. I've got to stop the train!"

Joe: [using is walkie talkie] "304 to Base. The monorail is gonna collapse. The train is on its way. It's got to be stopped!"

Warren Grafton: "So you see, Tracy, in the standard coaches, we can pack in 500 people."

Jeff Tracy: ""Pack" in is right!"

Warren Grafton: "Well, you know... just a figure of speech."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, so far, I'm not over-impressed."

Warren Grafton: "Impressed? You wanna be impressed? Come on up front, see the power unit. That'll impress you."

Jeff Tracy: "OK."

Joe: "304 to Base. This is an emergency. Can you hear me?"

[In the engine room of the mono train]

Warren Grafton: "There it is. The greatest chunk of engineering genius in land travel history!"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, it's big enough, anyway."

Brains: "Er, er, do you mind if we examine this piece of genius more closely?"

Warren Grafton: "Help yourselves, but I warn you: it's taken some of the best brains in the country to put that box of tricks together. I'm not begging you, Tracy, but you'll be a fool if you don't swing in with us."

Jeff Tracy: "I don't know. People aren't cattle."

Warren Grafton: "That's where you're wrong. There's a few of us who lead, the rest follow like sheep."

Brains: "Er, you, uh, you say everything is completely automatic? The train carries no staff at all?"

Warren Grafton: "Don't need 'em! Just think of all the money we're gonna save!"

Brains: "But but in the case of an emergency?"

Warren Grafton: "An emergency?! You worry too much."

[The bridge is starting to buckle]

Joe: "Stan! Down here!"

Stan: [standing on the bridge] "Joe, are you hurt?"

Joe: "No, I'm OK. What kept you?"

Stan: "Look, Joe, keep still. I'll winch you up into the copter."

Joe: "No, Stan, first radio the train! Tell them that the automatic signals are all out of action."

Stan: "But that means the train won't stop. They'll all be killed!"

Joe: "Yeah! I radioed, but I guess my transmitter was smashed."

Stan: "OK, maybe they can stop it manually. Will you be OK for a couple of minutes?"

Joe: "Sure, Stan."

Stan: "OK, don't go away."

[Cut to club car in the monotrain]

Warren Grafton: "But I keep telling you, Tracy, nothing can go wrong with the signals!"

Jeff Tracy: "But how can you be certain of that?"

Warren Grafton: "Listen, we've spent enough money on safety devices. There's an element of risk in all operations of this type. Say, that's the radio. Excuse me."

Jeff Tracy: "Sure."

Warren Grafton: "I'll be right back."

Jeff Tracy: "Don't hurry. What do you think, Brains?"

Brains: "I-I'm not too happy, Mr Tracy. There's too many loopholes."

Jeff Tracy: "I think you're right, Brains. Our friend Grafton is more interested in money than in people's lives. His type usually end up in one place: jail."

Selsden: "Jail, that's what we'll get if we're caught."

Harry Malloy: "Sure, but we've taken worse risks than this. Grafton fixed the alarms. All we gotta do is press a button and we're OK."

Part Three

[Seldsen and Molloy drive to Creighton-Ward Manor as Lady Penelope and Parker are sleeping. They then attempt to open the front door]

Selsden: "Hey, this lock's tricky, but we should manage it OK."

Harry Malloy: "Yeah, let's hope Grafton's having it as easy as we are."

[Cut back to the Monorail]

Warren Grafton: " Tracy, something's gone wrong. We're heading for trouble. And I mean trouble."

[There is another explosion at the bridge as Joe is winched to safety]

Joe: "Thanks, Stan."

Stan: "The whole section - it'll collapse any minute!"

Joe: "Stan, you think there's any hope for them?"

Stan: "If the signals are out, that train can't stop. There's no manual control."

[In side the engine room of the monorail]

Jeff Tracy: "What about it, Brains, can you stop this thing?"

Brains: "I don't see how without a circuit diagram."

Tin-Tin: "Even with one, it's not certain we could succeed. How long do we have?"

Warren Grafton: "We're increasing speed all the time."

Jeff Tracy: "That's obvious, Grafton. When do we come to the damaged part of the track?"

Warren Grafton: "Well, I... I'm not sure. Fifteen minutes, maybe twenty. Maybe more, I just don't know."

Jeff Tracy: "Thanks, you're a great help. Brains, Tin-Tin, I guess it's up to you."

[Cut to Creighton-Ward Manor]

Harry Malloy: "Guess we've made it, Selsden. Those alarms have been knocked out good."

[Molloy and Selsden enter the parlour]

Selsden: "Grafton said something about closed-circuit TV cameras in all the rooms."

Harry Malloy: "Yeah, stupid, but his alarm system jammer took care of them, too. We're in the clear, Selsdon. Relax."

Selsden: "Haha! Gee, that's good."

Harry Malloy: "Quiet!"

Harry Malloy: "This is the place. OK, let's get the rug out of the way."

[Whilst Lady Penelope and Parker are sleeping, Selsden reveals the safe]

Selsden: "Oh, boy, that's some safe!"

Harry Malloy: "OK then, let's get to work."

Selsden: "It's gonna take some time to open up this baby."

Harry Malloy: "Well, quit stalling and get on with it. Whatever you do, keep it quiet, huh?"

[Cut to the Monorail bridge exploding]

Joe: "Stan, look!"

[A section of the bridge collapses]

Stan: "I guess that does it. Nothing can save them now."

Part Four

[Open with the monorail]

Warren Grafton: "You've got to stop it somehow! What's gonna happen to us?"

Jeff Tracy: "You should have thought of that before. They're doing all they can. Just keep calm."

Jeff Tracy: [To Brains} "I'm going to call the boys."

Brains: "It's too late."

Jeff Tracy: "I realise that, but if you fail we might need help after the crash."

Brains: "If we survive.... How are you going to call them without Grafton knowing we're International Rescue?"

Jeff Tracy: "Leave it to me. Say, Grafton, I wonder..."

Warren Grafton: "W-What, Tracy? Have you thought of something?"

Jeff Tracy: "I don't know. Have you heard of International Rescue?"

Warren Grafton: "Yeah, sure I have, but no one knows who runs the outfit. Where do they come from?"

Jeff Tracy: "I can't say, but I believe to call them, you just send out a radio message."

Warren Grafton: "Yeah, yeah, I heard that. Somehow they pick it up. Come on!"

Jeff Tracy: "Keep at it, Brains. You're still our only hope."

Brains: "Well, Tin-Tin, here goes. Let's hope we've got it right."

[Brains pushes a button]

Tin-Tin: "We're increasing speed."

Brains: "I- I don't understand. What did we do wrong?"

Tin-Tin: "I don't know. I don't know!"

[Jeff is calling International Rescue]

Jeff Tracy: "Calling International Rescue. Calling International Rescue."

[Cut to Thunderbird 5]

Jeff Tracy: "My name is Tracy. I'm aboard the Pacific-Atlantic Monotrain."

John Tracy: "Go ahead... Tracy. This is International Rescue."

Jeff Tracy: "This is urgent. The monotrain is out of control and we're heading for a damaged section of the track."

John Tracy: "Is anyone with you?"

Jeff Tracy: "The president of the monorail company is right beside me. And one other man and a girl are aboard."

John Tracy: "OK, Mr Tracy, we're on our way."

Jeff Tracy: "Thank you, International Rescue. Make it snappy. Time is running out."

[At Tracy Island, John's eyes flash on his portrait]

Scott Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "Scott! Dad, Brains and Tin-Tin are in trouble. That monotrain is heading for disaster."

Scott Tracy: "How, when?!"

John Tracy: "The train's out of control and heading for a crash."

Virgil Tracy: "We'll never get there in time."

Scott Tracy: "Maybe, but we just can't sit here."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, come on!"

Brains: "Here goes. Keep your fingers crossed."

Warren Grafton: "It didn't work! We're gonna crash!"

[Cut to Creighton-Ward Manor]

Selsden: "Another minute and I'll have it. Boy, this is a tough combination to crack."

[As Lady Penelope and Parker are sleeping, the lights on Lady Penelope's lamp flash as well as on Parker's bed to alert them that there is an intruder]

Harry Malloy: "Great, Selsden, you did it."

Selsden: "Aw, gee...."

Harry Malloy: "Right, let me open her up. [Malloy opens the door of the safe] Take a look at that!"

[Lady Penelope turns on a TV monitor in her bedroom revealing the two intruders in the safe. She lifts the lid of a jewellery box revealing a speaker]

Lady Penelope: "Hello, Parker? Are you awake? It appears we have visitors."

Parker: "Uh... yes, m'lady. So I can see. It's our old friend, Malloy, I see."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, They're going to take my jewels."

Parker: "That would seem to be the intention, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, we must stop them before it's too late."

Parker: "I'm afraid we might already be too late. They've probably got a car standing by."

Lady Penelope: "Well, it appears we have no choice in the matter."

Parker: "I was just thinking the same thing, m'lady. All right, I'll be up in a jiffy with the hardware."

Lady Penelope: "Right, go to it, Parker."

[Malloy and Selsden have bags over their shoulders ready to leave]

Harry Malloy: "OK, let's beat it."

[Meanwhile, Parker is attempting to remove a package from under his bed]

Parker: "Oof! Come on. Get out!"

[Malloy and Selsden place their bags in the back seat of their car]

Harry Malloy: "OK, let's hit the road... [Parker and Lady Penelope start firing rifles at the two men] Get down!"

Selsden: "Hey! Wh-Who's the Calamity Jane?!"

Harry Malloy: "That's the duchess, you dumb cluck! Come on!"

Lady Penelope: "Parker, get the tyres. Good shooting, Parker."

Harry Malloy: "The car's knocked out!"

Selsden: "What are we gonna do, Harry?"

Harry Malloy: "Quick! The garage, they're bound to have an automobile there."

Parker: "They're heading for FAB 1, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Yes, so I see, Parker. Well, I'm afraid that won't do them much good."

Parker: "What I don't comprehend is how they got in at all. I never heard no alarms."

Lady Penelope: "They must have put them out of action somehow. It's lucky the safe alarm camera operates on a different system. [Sound of breaking glass] What do you suppose that was?"

Parker: "Well, it appears they have gained access to the Rolls Royce, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, dear. I just hope they don't scratch the paintwork, I'm off to Ascot in the morning."

[FAB 1 is driven through the garage door]

Parker: "You don't want me to shoot up the Rolls Royce, do you, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "No, Parker. For one thing, you wouldn't succeed, and for another, [Lady Penelope turns a handle] there's no need."

Harry Malloy: "It's that dame, she's got this car on remote control. She's locked the wheel!"

Lady Penelope: "Well, I think we can go back to bed now, Parker."

Parker: "But m'lady, what about the visitors?"

Lady Penelope: "Oh, we can forget all about them till the morning. They'll still be around."

[FAB 1 drives in circles around a statue. Cut to the helijet hovering over the bridge collapse]

Joe: "The other end is giving way."

Stan: "The whole thing will collapse soon. Say, look! On the horizon!"

Joe: "The monotrain. So, they couldn't stop it. We'd better radio for emergency services."

[Cut to the monotrain]

Warren Grafton: "We're approaching a bend! You've gotta stop this thing!"

Brains: "A-A-All right. This is our last chance."

[Brains pushes the button]

Jeff Tracy: "She's slowing up. You've done it, Brains."

Brains: "Let's hope there's enough track left."

Warren Grafton: "We're still going too fast!"

Jeff Tracy: "Oh, shut up."

[The monotrain is heading towards the bridge]

Joe: "They're going too fast!"

[The monotrain stops on the bridge]

Stan: "538 to Base. The train is OK. Repeat, the train is OK. We have called emergency services. We're now returning to base. My endurance now down to five minutes."

[Cut to the monotrain, Grafton is lying on the ground and Tin-Tin is crying]

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Mr Tracy, we're safe."

Jeff Tracy: "Easy, Tin-Tin, it's all over, now."

[Thunderbird 1 arrives at the bridge]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 1, what is your ETA at danger zone?"

[Cut to Thunderbird 2]

Virgil Tracy: "We'll be in danger zone six minutes from now."

Scott Tracy: "Good work, Virgil. I'm above monorail now. It looks as if they made it."

[Cut to the monotrain]

Warren Grafton: "Tracy, what's that?"

Jeff Tracy: "I guess it's the International Rescue guys."

Scott Tracy: [over a loud hailer] "Thunderbird 1 calling. You folks are still in danger. The tower behind you is going to collapse at any moment."

[The bridge starts to explode]

Scott Tracy: "I'm going to try and push you back, off the trestle."

[The bridge explodes further]

Scott Tracy: "Oh, no! The trestle! [Over a loud hailer] It's no good, the rear part of the trestle can't stand the train's weight. I don't see how the train can be saved, but your lives are more important. Now, if you please do exactly as I tell you there'll still be hope for you. Hurry through to the rear of the train and walk back along the track. Hurry, please, there's not much time."

[The door of the monotrain opens]

Warren Grafton: "What are we gonna do? We're trapped! There's no way down!"

Jeff Tracy: "For a start, we'll keep calm."

Scott Tracy: [Over a loud hailer] "Make your way back to the centre coach. Thunderbird 2 will be here any moment now."

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2. Approaching danger zone."

Scott Tracy: "Hurry it along, Virgil. There's not much time."

Virgil Tracy: "FAB."

[Thunderbird 2 changes course and the bridge explodes again. Thunderbird 2 arrives at the bridge]

Virgil Tracy: "Lowering grabs."

[The grabs are lowered from Thunderbird 2]

Scott Tracy: "Careful, Virgil."

Warren Grafton: "Say, what goes on? Are they trying to murder us or something?"

Scott Tracy: "OK, Virgil, close grabs. [The grabs connect with the train] Pull away, Virgil!"

[The Thunderbird 2 lifts up the train carriage just before the bridge collapses. Thunderbird 2, then lowers the carriage to safety.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 1, nice work, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "Thanks, Scott. You can leave everything to me now."

[Thunderbirds 1 and 2 depart]

Scott Tracy: "FAB. Returning to base."

[Cut to the train carriage]

Warren Grafton: "Boy, we made it!"

Jeff Tracy: "WE made it?"

Warren Grafton: "All right, Tracy. You know what I mean."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I guess you won't be needing my investment now, Mr Grafton. After the Government inquiry into this crash you'll be spending a nice long holiday... behind bars."

Warren Grafton: "That's where you're wrong, Tracy. I'm too smart. I'll get away with the inquiry. And I'll end up by being president of the greatest monorail network in the world!"

[close up of Grafton]

Warren Grafton: "And so, ladies and gentlemen, it is with pride that I declare that yet another line in the famous network of the Pacific-Atlantic Monorails is open."

[pan out to reveal a prison cell]

Doolan: "Ah, drop dead!"

Hugo: "Cut it out, Grafton! We're in no mood for games."

Selsden: "Me, me, I'm still dizzy from that society dame's crazy pink drag!"

Harry Malloy: "All night she kept us turning. Boy, I was even glad to see the cops next morning."

Warren Grafton: "But I tell you, all we need is a little more dough."

Hugo: "Forget it, Grafton!"

Doolan: "Drop dead, will you."

Harry Malloy: "You're wasting your time."

Warren Grafton: "Time.... Well, I guess that's one thing we've got plenty of."

The End