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"Wish I lived here!"

Bob Williams lives with his brother, Tony Williams, at Charity Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia - where their father, Mr. Williams, runs Dunsley Tracker, a remote weather station (in actuality, a top-secret tracking facility for military satellites).

Bob and Tony are both huge fans of "Internashnul Rescue" (as they call it); and emulating their Thunderbirds heroes is their favourite pastime. They've established their own secret base and fashioned homemade IR sashes and rescue equipment; and, with working walkie-talkies made by their father, they take turns playing at being rescuer and rescued.

Bob's favourite Thunderbird appears to be Thunderbird 2, as evinced by his yellow uniform sash and his own special Thunderbird 2 go kart.

But the game spirals out of control one day, when a call for help transmitted over the walkie-talkies accidentally summons the real International Rescue...

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Playtime Rescue

At the beginning of the episode, Bob Williams lowers himself on a cliff ledge and calls up International Rescue on his walkie-talkie, telling them "he has broken his arm." His brother Tony Williams arrives, in his Go-Kart painted green and dubbed on the side "Thunderbird 2."

Unbeknown to the brothers, their dangerous play-acting has alerted John Tracy in Thunderbird 5.

Scott Tracy arrives in Thunderbird 1, and in order to teach Bob and Tony a lesson, he invites the brothers to take a trip with him - to Tracy Island.

He and Tony are very big fans of International Rescue, as evinced by them wearing their own sashes, riding a Thunderbird 2 go kart and creating their own version of the famous slide that leads to Thunderbird 2's hangar on Tracy Island

A Trip To Tracy Island

Flown to Tracy Island aboard Thunderbird 1, Bob and his brother are given a tour of Thunderbird 2's hangar and Thunderbird 3's silo, before sitting down to tea with Jeff.

Play Time at the Mine

The boys' next adventure is for Tony to get rescued from the Old Mine. Bob arrives in "Thunderbird 2," to find that Tony has gone into the mine...

Trapped for Real

Bob and Tony get trapped in the abandoned tin mine after The Hood deliberately blows up the entrance. International Rescue thinks it's another prank; and, at first, doesn't come to help...


Virgil and Alan - with radio assistance from Gordon - use Manual Descending Equipment to get down the mine shaft to rescue the boys, who are alive and well.