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Blackmer is a character from Attack of the Alligators!. He is a businessman interested in the commercial potential of Theramine.



A Trip up the Ambro River

Blackmer visits Dr. Orchard and his assistant, Hector McGill, at a lonely house on the Ambro River. In his laboratory, Orchard shows Blackmer the Sidonicus americanus, a rare plant that grows only in this part of the Ambro River. From it, Orchard has developed a food additive called thermine, which greatly increases the size of animals fed with it. This discovery obviously has great potential as a solution to the world food shortage, and even greater financial implications.

An Overnight Stay

A violent storm has broken out on the river, so Blackmer and Culp must stay overnight with Orchard and McGill.

Big Trouble in the Morning

In the morning, when Culp ferries Blackmer back down the river, they are attacked by one of the alligators, that has overnight grown in enormous size. The boat is overturned and the pair are thrown into the river.

The Rescue

Blackmer is rescued by McGill in a motor boat, but there is no sign of Culp.


  • His facial features are said[by whom?] to be based on those of former Soviet Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev.