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"Big Deal" is the fourteenth episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and thirteenth produced overall. The episode first aired in Japan on July 24, 1982.


There's more than meets the eye with Herman Grody. He may appear to be the new squeaky-clean head of Carillion Mining Corporation, but is actually an agent of the Shadow Axis. Swayed to their side with dreams of power, Grody plots to steal The Federation of all its Cryolite, giving the Shadow Axis the precious resources required to conquer his planet once and for all.



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IRO Equipment Used


Herman Grody

  • Grody cries "This deal is getting worse by the minute!", a paraphrase of Lando Calrissian's infamous "This deal is getting worse all the time!" line from the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • When Grody's elderly assistant Florian is rescued by Dylan, he subsequently dies from both exhaustion and injuries. While the English dub alters Dylans's reaction to simply asking if the old man needs a rest, both the animation and sombre music still depict him dying.
  • Upon confronting Dylan, Grody shouts "I resign!". This is both a reference to The Prisoner, plus a throwback to the real-world person Grody's voice is based on: former US President Richard Nixon.

Anderson Stock Library

  • The 'Fireflash Landing' theme opens the episode during the IRO Data Cube segment.
  • As Starcrusher communicates with Grody, the familiar 'Mysteron Theme' briefly plays.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Demon Wreck (悪魔難破船))