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'"Avalanche" is the 18th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 3. It was broadcast on July 13, 2019, in the United Kingdom.


When a popular vlogger gets trapped during an avalanche, International Rescue must find a way to carefully dig him out.


Regular Characters

Guest Characters


Virgil: "You know that's not why we do with this, Alan. Dad always said, International Rescue wasn't about fame or recognition, it's about rescuing people."
Alan: "Yes, and today, we happen to be rescuing a really famous person on a live vlog in front of 21 million people and I plan to be there."
Virgil: "If you're going to be appearing in front of millions of people, you better do it in style."

Alan: "21 million people watching The Bear's vlog and I'm stuck down on a hole in the ground."
Virgil: "Alan, why do you want to be in this vlog so much?"
Alan: "Because it's cool."
Virgil: "And since when did you care about being cool?"
Alan: "Since ever?"

Alan: "Brandon Berrenger thinks I'm cool. Imagine that."

International Rescue Equipment Used



  • The pod is green in this episode, like in Path of Destruction but unlike the ones in SOS Part 2 (which were yellow).
  • The snowy mountain, where the danger zone is located in this episode, has exactly the same outline of the original Tracy Island from the classic series.