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"You better go out and gwab them. We don’t need another wawsuit awownd here."
Dr. Hornyak is such a caring soul for human life.

"Attack of the Alligators!" is the fifth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds, first airing on January 15th, 1995. It was also the twenty-third episode of the original Thunderbirds series.


Roxette finds herself in a double dose of trouble in various proportions; It's up to her to find a cure for a new growth chemical that increased a group of Alligators to great size, and solve the mystery of the incredible shrinking Tripp.



-"Hornyak, have you gone mad?"

-"Mad? No! Don’t you wealise the work taking pwace in this wabwatowy, is essential to the future of mankind as we know it? These bunny wabbits are only the beginning of the pwocess that will someday feed the entire world. Is that madness, sir? I think not!"

  • Culp gets zinged by Dr. Hornyak.

-"Hey man, you better shut up, you know? You say one word like ‘International Rescue’ and it’ll be your last!"

-"Jose, that’s two words."


  • Jose gets zinged by Scott Tracy.

-"What’s cookin’, good lookin’?"

  • Who are you, and what have you done with Virgil Tracy?

-"You have failed me yet again! How am I ever going to become ruler of the world, with bald fools like you working for me?!"

-"I'm sorry, Master. It won't happen again."

-You're right. It won't. I'm busting you to delivery boy! Now... go out and get. Me. A. Pizza!"

  • The Atrocimator finds a new line of work for The Hood.


  • The on-screen title has returned for this episode... in the form of placeholder text. At least it's something.
  • There is an overlaying theme of pizza throughout the story.
    • The Atrocimator has a fondness for pizza as well. This confirms that despite being an intangible floating head, he needs to eat sometimes.
  • Dr. Hornyak speaks with an incredibly exaggerated lisp, pronouncing both “R” and “U” as “W”.
  • When the Alligators begin their attack, what should be a deep and tension-filled background score is replaced with… a light-hearted banjo riff.
  • For Turbocharged, Mrs. Files was renamed 'Sally' in honour of series co-creator Sally DeSipio.
  • Jose's remark about not requiring permission to carry a gun is paraphrased from the infamous "I don't have to show you any stinking badges" line, originating in B. Traven's 1927 novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
    • Ironically, the 1948 film adaptation featured the line used by Gold Hat, who like Jose, was an outrageously stereotypical bandit (though Mexican in the former's case).
  • Footage of Thunderbird 4 turning to leave the river originates from Desperate Intruder.


  • Unfortunately, for the third episode in a row, no writers are credited.
  • Once again the security of International Rescue is put up for questioning. How does the Hood remotely know the operation is run by a "Mr. Tracy", and thus be able to throw darts at a picture of his head?
  • A few frames of Gordon piloting Thunderbird 4 are accidentally shown right before he is notified by S.A.L. to enter the craft.
  • Thunderbird 4's searchlight flashes on the sinking TX-2 vial before it left the Pod.
  • International Rescue manage to quickly and easily transport the TX-2 vial up to Hacker Command... how, exactly?
  • Jeff Tracy signs off from the Hack Masters by suddenly informing them that his pizza has arrived. If Tracy Island is in a remote part of the ocean, why would they go to so much trouble to order a pizza? It would have been easier to make one at home, rather than go out of their way to have it delivered. It certainly wasn't brought back by one of the Tracy Brothers, because...
    • As Jeff signs off, the outside doorbell buzzes to indicate the pizza's delivery. How and when was a doorbell installed at Tracy Villa? Though more importantly, why would a top secret organisation situated in the middle of nowhere need a doorbell?



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Foreign Name[]

  • Japanese: Attack Of Large Crocodile (大ワニの襲撃)