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A newly opened irrigation plant was located somewhere in eastern Australia, as seen at the start of The Mighty Atom.

Attempting to film the secrets of the atomic irrigation plant, the Hood is caught up in a gun battle. A stray bullet causes a fire which eventually results in the explosion of the nuclear reactor. The resulting atomic cloud drifts towards Melbourne, but a strong wind fortunately blows the cloud away.

Irrigation Plant

The atomic irrigation plant in eastern Australia.

Control Room


The reactor control room is staffed by Wade and his assistant.



The staff and the members of the press are evacuated in an TX-204 rescue plane, before the explosion of the nuclear reactor.


  • A teletype printout gives the date on which the atomic cloud is blown away from Melbourne as 6th October, and it is then stated that the explosion at the plant took place the previous Monday. If this is 2064, the explosion therefore occurred on 29th September.
  • The rescue plane that evacuates the personnel of the Australian plant is the TX-204 Target-carrying Aircraft previously seen in Trapped in the Sky.
  • During one of the explosions a car can been seen flying through the air.