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"No one has been hurt and Scott will keep a check on the situation. He'll realise that this is not a job for International Rescue."
— Jeff Tracy

"Atlantic Inferno" is the first episode of Thunderbirds season 2, first broadcast on 2nd October 1966.


Lady Penelope persuades the overworked Jeff to take a vacation with her, at her Australian sheep farm. Scott takes his place in charge of International Rescue. He is chided by his father for sending the team to a fire at the oil rig Seascape, when their help was not needed - but the situation later worsens, when ignited gas starts pouring through cracks forming in the sea bed around Seascape's foundations...


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  • Alan pilots Thunderbird 1 in this episode, due to Scott being left in charge of Tracy Island while Jeff was away, the Tracys noting that the decision makes sense as Thunderbirds 1 and 3 are rarely used on the same assignment.
  • As Season 2 begins, a number of slight modifications have been made to the character designs, their wardrobes, and even the Thunderbirds themselves.
    • One notable change is the introduction of Jeremy Wilkin as the voice of Virgil Tracy, taking over from David Holliday. While an attempt is made to keep Virgil sounding the same, Wilkin's performance is noticeably higher-pitched than his predecessor.
  • The opening shot of Australian outback was previously used for the opening shot of Cry Wolf, another story set in the land down under.
  • Parker reveals that there are 200,007 sheep on Lady Penelope's sheep farm.
  • The Mobile Control Centre makes its only Season 2 appearance (and last-ever, in the series overall) in this episode. It would later appear again in Thunderbirds Are Go.
  • Along with The Mobile Control Centre, this is also the final appearance of Thunderbird 4.
  • Third and final episode to take place in Australia (the previous episode was Cry Wolf)


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Foreign Titles[]

Spanish VHS video tape

  • French: Au fond de l'océan
  • German: Inferno im Atlantik
  • Spanish: Infierno en el Atlántico
  • Italian: Inferno nell'Atlantico
  • Dutch: Brand op de oceaan (TV); Zee van vuur (VHS); Atlantisch inferno (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: Inferno Sob o Mar
  • Japanese: 海上ステーションの危機