IRO Headquarters

Arcology is the formal name of IRO Headquarters, a humongous man-made island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Headed by Commander Warren Simpson, Arcology serves as the Earth command centre for International Rescue Organisation, and a focal point of the Federation. Arcology was featured in the television series Thunderbirds 2086.


Forged as a result of the World Federation's inauguration during the mid-2060's, Arcology is a vast city complex that houses one primary building and dozens of skyscrapers. Rising a thousand feet on a square mile base, the Island is the permanent home for all 60,000 Earth-based members of the organisation. While living quarters may be compact and food on strict rations, there are plenty of home comforts to be had, including a cinema, night club, and shopping mall.

Nearly all seventeen Thunderbird craft were constructed in Arcology, and are stored in various sectors of the headquarters. The team's command post is situated on its highest point.


  • During the opening credits of TechnoVoyager, Arcology can be seen rising from the ocean. It is unknown whether its 2086 counterpart can also achieve this feat.