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The Angel Executive Aircraft is an airplane that appears in Martian Invasion. The Hood steals the aircraft to escape from Scott and Virgil who are in hot pursuit. Unfortunately for the Hood, the plane is in urgent need of servicing, and it crashes into a second story window of General X's mansion.


The Cockpit

Near Misses on the Flight

Struggling to keep the plane under control, The Hood has several near misses on the way to General X's mansion.

The Crash Landing

The Hood reaches General X's mansion, but is unable to land, he turns the plane for a 2nd attempt, but crashes straight into an upstairs window.


  • Referred to as being an "Angel Executive Aircraft" by Virgil, the plane looks like it was made from a Monogram Piper TriPacer model kit.
  • A digitally altered version of the close-up shot of the fuel jettison pane appeared in the Thunderbirds 1965 episode The Abominable Snowman.
  • The model was later reused as Professor Carney's RC plane in the "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" episode Codename Europa.