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You might also be looking for the 1965 or 2015 incarnations.

Alan Tracy is one of the heroes and the primary protagonist from the live-action Thunderbirds movie released in 2004. At fourteen years old, he is the youngest of the Tracy Brothers, and thus does not participate in any of the missions alongside his family until the end of the movie.

Alan's Adventure

On the last day of school, Alan was caught drawing Thunderbird craft in his exercise book. His teacher was not thrilled by the artistic talent, insisting he focus more on a 10,000 word essay to be completed by his return from spring break.

As he and Fermat discussed his desire to be a Thunderbird, a live news report caught their attention. International Rescue were on the scene of a Russian oil rig fire. While the rescue went underway, Alan whispered each move that his family should make to save the workers. His theories were proven correct, and the mission was a success.

Afterwards, much to Alan's surprise, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Parker flew him home in FAB 1, alongside an escort of Thunderbirds 1 and 2. Upon returning to Tracy Island, his older brothers got on his nerves by loudly bragging about all the exciting rescue mission they took part in.

Alan and Fermat then snuck into Thunderbird 1, just to play with the controls. Alan decided to fire up the instruments, but accidentally flicks the wrong switch, and initiates Launch. The engines fire up, the pool slides away, and sirens blare. Jeff instantly realizes what's going on, immediately stops the launch and orders Alan to report to his office. He reminds Alan that by firing up Thunderbird 1 without first activating Tracy Island's anti-detection shield, he put the whole organization in danger, and grounds him for the rest of spring break.

Alan then spent a lot of his time following this skipping stones on the beach.


  • Alan is the only person ever to pilot three different Thunderbirds on the same day (1, 2 and 4.)
  • Alan's IR outfit and signature color is yellow.