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  • In the close up of Prescott's bracelet being put on, it is not locked on.
  • When the policeman orders "Calling all cars, calling all cars!" to chase after the speeding Prescott, his voice is about one second ahead of his actual lip movement.
  • On the night of the Hudson Building fire, the auto date fixer in Garfield's office gives the date as 12/07/05 and the next day it says 13/07/05. But on American calendars, the month numeral is supposed to appear first; either the first date should say 07/12/05 (12th July), with the second 07/13/05, or the second date should say 12/08/05 (8th December).
  • When Jeff contacts Penelope, it is 10:00 am in England, yet it is already daylight on Tracy Island and Alan, Gordon and Tin-Tin have been out fishing for some time (It is established in Thunderbirds Are Go that there is a five-hour time difference between England and Tracy Island; it should be 5:00 am on Tracy Island when is it 10:00am in England).
  • If the bracelets are smoking, then that must mean that they are far too hot to touch without safety gloves, but Scott just picks them up with his bare hands without even showing that he has burnt himself.
  • When Scott reboards Thunderbird 1 to dispose of the bracelets, his hat is back on, although at this time, putting on his hat to fly Thunderbird 1 should be the least of his worries.
  • When the Plutonium store doors are blown off by the Jet-air Blaster (on the Laser Cutter Vehicle), you can clearly see them been pulled off by a length of string from the inside.
  • In the shot where the camera moves through the castle, the shadow of some studio equipment can be seen moving down one of the pillars.
  • When Virgil tackles the robot guard holding Southern, his nose gets a little too close.
  • When Southern retrieves key number 16 from the box on the vault door, key number 8 falls to the floor.
  • In the establishing shot of the British Security Service Building, one of the building props in the foreground has been placed incorrectly.

The British Security Building

How it should have looked