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"You've got 21 minutes before that bomb goes up. If you don't get that bracelet off your wrist soon, your wife is going to be a widow on her third wedding anniversary."
— The Hitchhiker

"30 Minutes After Noon" is the seventh episode of Thunderbirds season 1, originally broadcast on 11th November 1965.


A mysterious fire in an office building turns out to have been a test of a new explosive device, by a dangerous criminal gang. A British agent infiltrates the gang in an attempt to prevent its members from destroying a nuclear depot, but his cover is blown - and he's trapped in the explosive-rigged depot...


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Regular Characters[]

Guest Characters[]

Cameo Roles[]

  • Spectators at the burning Hudson Building
  • People walking past Garfield's office

International Rescue Equipment Used[]

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used[]



  • All Security Robots in this episode were the same puppet; a minor redesign of Brains' robot, Braman, previously seen in Sun Probe.
  • Two Pod Vehicles - the Dicetylene Cage and the Laser Cutter Vehicle - make their first, and only, appearances in this episode.
  • Glen Carrick Castle previously appeared as McGregor Castle in the Stingray episode Loch Ness Monster; and appears again as part of Glen Garry Castle in the Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons episode The Trap.
30min 601.png
  • This marks the first use in the series of a human hand in the same frame as a puppet character: during the scene where Southern plays with his pen, a real hand plays with it in the foreground; while the characters of Kenyon and Dempsey appear in the background.
  • Although he didn't write this episode, it's possible Dennis Spooner may have borrowed ideas for an episode of The Professionals - in which Bodie and Doyle had to prevent a bomb from exploding at 12.25am, destroying London.
  • The faces of Sir William Frazer, and the Erdman Gang Member who Southern meets, are never seen; only their hands appear on screen - when Sir William hand the pen to Southern, and when the Erdman Gang Member fastens the bracelet to Southern's wrist.
  • The rendezvous point where Southern receives his bracelet would later be seen as the Thompson Tower in City of Fire.
  • Unlike most U.S elevators and instead similar to British elevators, the floor indicator panel of the Hudson Building elevator lists the first floor above the ground floor instead of on the ground floor. The basement floors are listed in the wrong order instead of in ascending order going downwards below ground level.
  • The episode title refers to the time by which the bracelets placed in the plutonium store in the second half of the episode will explode - at 12:30PM - thirty minutes after noon.
  • This is the only time we see Brains relaying the distress call to Jeff in Thunderbird 5 with John.


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Alternate Versions[]

Thunderbirds The Comic[]

In 1992, several episodes of Thunderbirds were adapted into comic book format for Fleetway's Thunderbirds The Comic series, with 30 Minutes After Noon among the first. Written by Alan Fennell and illustrated by D. M. Stokes, the 12 page adaptation was spread over 3 issues, emulating the presentation of the 1960's TV Century 21 stories.

For this compressed version of the episode, 8 pages were entirely dedicated to Thomas Prescott's subplot, while the remaining 4 swiftly detailed the "Erdwing Gang" (sic), and Southern's rescue from the Security Robots.

Foreign Titles[]

  • French: Le bracelet
  • German: Rennen gegen die Uhr
  • Spanish: 30 Minutos Después del Mediodía
  • Italian: Un bracciale prezioso
  • Dutch: 12 uur 30 precies (TV 1965), 30 minuten na twaalf (TV 1992), Race tegen de klok (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: Os Impostores
  • Japanese: スパイにねらわれた原爆
  • Australian: 30 Minutes Afternoon (VHS 1990), 30 Minutes To Noon (DVD 2001), 30 Minutes To The Moon (DVD 2010)